I got self employed 2011 as an Equine Osteopath and found out very quick, that most horse problems, are housemade. Not only unfitting Saddles are making trouble. Also Bridles. Too hard. Too small. Even Bridles which got advertised as anatomically and horse friendly. have been something else but healthy.

As a result, I began to research and cooperated with multiple saddler, but at least I found out, the most effective way to solve Problems is, not to lay them in others hands.

That´s how Equine Concept got founded. And even now, each Bridle which leaves my working place is tested in functionality, fitting and softness.

Only Bridles which I am 100% sure will not leave any pressure points, will leave my workshop.

Please be aware that due to this, there are not many Bridles in Stock. They are getting produced just for you. Of course I can fulfill special design wishes for you and your customer.

Please contact me!

We will find a solution to make you and your customers happy!